Position | Travel Specialist

Position | Travel Specialist

Travel Specialist


  • Interaction with guests, shareholders, staff and journalists telephonically and via email
  • Planning and designing itineraries for guests, shareholders, staff and journalists
  • Handling reservation requests from either e-mail or telephonically
  • Processing of reservations from quote to finalising, including reservations, invoicing, collecting of payment and travel documents
  • Professional servicing of our guests
  • Selling of our products and services
  • Interaction with colleagues, guests and suppliers
  • Maximum 8 working hours turnaround time on all enquiries from time of receiving the enquiry
  • Saturday duty and Emergency duty on a rotation basis
  • Public Holiday duty on a rotation basis
  • Backup for colleagues when they are away from the office
  • Expanding product knowledge through attending training sessions


  • A good knowledge on any of the destinations that company promote within South, Southern and East Africa
  • A good knowledge on FIT and Groups policies and procedures
  • A good knowledge of company’s Safari Offers especially Bush Breaks and Family and Friends
  • A good knowledge of company’s Staff and Business policies
  • Working experience in tour operating and general reservations procedures


  • Communication skills and fluent in written and spoken English
  • Organisational skills which include time management and prioritising of tasks which will require a person who likes dealing with detail
  • Computer literate with experience with Word and Outlook
  • Understanding of travel industry through study or work experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Working in an orderly manner to ensure that files can be continued by other Consultants when necessary
  • Working knowledge of Tourplan
  • People’s person with great communication skills
  • Good organisational ability
  • Initiative
  • High energy levels needed
  • Must be able to ADD VALUE
  • Able to travel; flexibility in terms of working hours
  • Self-driven; very responsible but fun; passionate about the company
  • Proactive, have a sense of urgency and be able to act quickly to resolve problems


  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Sense of urgency
  • Passionate about guest delight
  • Diligence and self-motivation to meet deadlines and keep on top of your job
  • Willingness/ability to share information and teach and inspire others


  • Minimum of one years previous tour consulting experience required
  • The successful candidate should have an enquiring mind, be methodical, and pay attention to detail, be creative, and show perseverance and patience, ability to work under pressure, ability to accept routine and mundane tasks, have high energy level, be flexible, and have the ability to overcome obstacles and persist with the task at hand, be decisive and adaptable.


Contact Zandile Lungu at 011 685 0740


Jeannine Pearse

Jeannine Pearse

Jeannine is a Director at Majinga. For many years she ran a successful Advertising Gifts business which involved the ongoing recruitment of quality staff.

This obviously equipped her very well for recruitment because in a very short space of time she has established herself as a leading placer of top candidates.

Her considerable business acumen and structured approach to problem solving makes  her an ideal leader in Majinga and her laser-sharp focus and enthusiasm have enabled her to form strong client relationships and consistently provide them with the best available candidates in the market.

John Pearse

John Pearse

John Pearse has had a long career leading various Transport & Logistics businesses often to positions of Market Leadership during which time he served on the Executive Committee of the McCarthy’s Group and the Boards of Barloworld Motor Holdings and Barloworld Logistics. During this time it became apparent to him that successful businesses depended largely on the acquiring of exceptional talent.

John bought Majinga Consulting 10 years ago and it has remained a key provider of exceptional talent to leading international & local Banks, Management Consulting firms and Training Organisations as well as a number of more general clients.

Cynthia Lungu

Cynthia Lungu

Cynthia is the longest standing member of Majinga, having been with the company since 1st of Jan 2005, when she started as a Receptionist/ Switchboard Operator, before the Majinga name had even been conceived.
Since then she has become the ‘engine room’ that keeps the office running adding providing an all-round Office Administration / Support function we couldn’t do without.

She is a great judge of character who gives us a very interesting insight into the personal skills of candidate’s as well as providing an amazing backup memory of candidate names and faces when that of the consultants fail them.

Importance of Updating your LinkedIn Profile

Importance of Updating your LinkedIn Profile


A South African High Court  on March 8, 2017 reportedly gave a former estate agent five days to correct the employment information on his LinkedIn profile.

Three years after Mr. X resigned from his position at company Y, his profile still reflected that he was employed there. Despite two years’ worth of requests from the company to correct the information, eventually followed by a demand from its lawyer, Mr. X refused to do so.  The company then approached the court for an order to compel the profile correction.

The court granted the order on the basis that Mr. X’s profile was misleading. The company successfully argued that it did not want to be associated with its former employee and that his misrepresentation on LinkedIn could cause serious harm to the company’s image.  Although it has not yet done so, the company said that it reserved the right to claim any damages resulting from its name being linked with Mr X.

What are the risks of an outdated profile?

Mr. X could not (and did not) argue that he had simply forgotten to update his LinkedIn profile after he resigned, as he was asked to do so on many occasions. But many users, particularly those who are only semi-active on social media sites might legitimately forget, or think it unimportant, to keep their profiles up to date.

Here are some reasons why users should:

Inaccurate information, like Mr. X’s employment data, may amount to wrongful misrepresentation. If another person suffers a loss as a result, a user may face a damages claim.
Using a former employer’s trade name or logo may be an intellectual property infringement.
An inaccurate or outdated profile is bad for the user’s own brand. LinkedIn is specifically aimed at facilitating professional connections. Many people promote their businesses on other social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Incorrect profile information not only makes the user appear unprofessional, but may actually prevent potential clients or other business connections from contacting the user.

What does LinkedIn say about profile accuracy?

When a user creates a LinkedIn profile, each user must agree that the profile information will be truthful. Each user also agrees not to:
• act dishonestly or unprofessionally, including by posting inaccurate content;
• misrepresent current or previous positions and qualifications; or
• misrepresent affiliations with a person or entity, past or present.

Kerri Crawford (SA)


I would just like to thank you for the in-depth mail and attachments.  I think this is extremely professional and I have never received service like this from any agency.


Reagan, “Thank you for the communication.  It was a pleasure working with you in the professional way that you treat customers.

I would definitely like to pursue other opportunities now that you opened my horizon.”





Jeannine is a pleasure working with, she conducts herself with dignity, adhering to the highest ethical, moral standards and excellence. She embraces world-class practices in quality, timing, involvement, and simplicity as far as recruitment is concerned.


Hi Eustacia

Would just like to extend my appreciation for all you’ve done for me. I really appreciate you going the extra mile.

Kindest Regards