About Us

Majinga Consulting complements its clients’ Senior Management and HR teams by providing specialist recruitment services. This is achieved in a spirit of partnership, where Majinga knows and understands the development goals and needs of its clients and matches its offering to these specific requirements.

The principal service provided therefore is the identification of outstanding talent and the matching of this talent with the needs and culture of our “blue chip” client base.

Majinga currently consults to many of the leading international and local institutions in the fields in which they specialise both in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.

Service levels are focused on the sourcing and evaluation of middle to upper middle management talent particularly in the specialised technical fields of our client base as well as in IT, Sales & Marketing, HR, and other office support roles.

Majinga’s consultants are mature, successful and are chosen for their proven ability in various industry sectors and they have a complementary variety of business experience and skills aligned around a proven ability to recognise and select talented candidates. Majinga Consulting during its fourteen years of existence has become synonymous with quality value added service.

Majinga Consulting believes in establishing the culture, values and ethos of a client as a matter of priority, as it regards this process as essential to the understanding of the client’s business, strategy and communication style.

Candidates put forward for the clients’ consideration have been extensively interviewed in accordance with a comprehensive internal process. Majinga focuses on quality rather than quantity and has a reputation for producing top quality candidates.

The thorough interviewing process ensures that the CV’s forwarded to clients are detailed and include an assessment of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the job spec.

Reference checking is a sensitive process and is only carried out at the stage when it is believed an offer of employment is imminent and it includes verification of qualifications, criminal checks, credit clearances and so on.

The challenges of meeting a clients’ needs with the best available talent are what focuses a motivated team in this critical area of corporate endeavour.

The business meets the requirements of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment having a Level 4 rating.